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Middle years teacher passionate about implementing meaningful technology into classrooms. Never satisfied with the status quo, I look to improve on what works - and what does not. Always looking to learn new things, I enjoy connecting with others and exploring innovation inside and outside the classroom to improve student learning.



Master of Education - Educational Technology & Design

University of Saskatchewan
Currently in progress. Completion in December 2016.


Bachelor of Education

University of Regina
Secondary Mathematics and Science Education

2009 - 2012

Mathematics and Chemistry

University of Saskatchewan
Transfer Credit to University of Regina

2007 - 2009



St. Josaphat School, Regina Catholic School Division
Grade 7/8 Homeroom Teacher

Courses Taught:
▪ Math 7, Math 8, Science 7/8, ELA 7/8, Religion 7/8, Arts Ed. 7/8, Core French 7/8, and PAA 7/8
▪ Classroom website at

Additional Responsibilities:
▪ Digital Citizenship 7 & 8 Online Course Development Team
▪ Technology Leader
▪ Student Tech Team Co-Supervisor
▪ Science Fair Organizer
▪ Boys Volleyball, Track and Field Coach
▪ Intramural Coordinator and Supervisor
▪ Recess and Lunch Supervision

Additional Projects
▪ Coding/Programming Club, Hour of code
▪ Genius Hour
▪ Saskatchewan Middle Years Twitter Chat (#myclasschat)
▪ Piloting Chromebooks in the Classroom (CSCC Funded)
▪ Virtual Student Collaborations with MIT Graduate/PhD Students
▪ Grade 7 Treaty Education Renewal Project with OTC

August 2014 - Present


Mary Institute and Saint Louis Country Day School
Upper School Mathematics and Science

Courses Taught:
▪ Integrated Mathematics 1
▪ Integrated Mathematics 1 Accelerated
▪ Integrated Mathematics 2
▪ STEM 1 (pilot course)
▪ Atomic Structure
▪ Reaction Quantities

Additional Responsibilities:
▪ STEM Curriculum Development Team
▪ I-Skate Faculty Sponsor
▪ ISACS Student Government Committee
▪ 11th Grade Advisor

Additional Projects
▪ Hour of Code
▪ Rocket Project
▪ Blogging Current Events in STEM
▪ Google+ Hangouts with MIT Graduate Students
▪ 3D Printing in Math

August 2012 - June 2014

Varsity Ice Hockey Coach

MICDS Athletics

2013 and 2014 Midstates Hockey League All Star Coach

August 2012 - 2014


Educating Youth in Engineering and Science (EYES)
University of Regina

▪ Developed and implemented new E-Design program, teaching maker science and game design to students.
▪ Travelled Saskatchewan delivering science workshops to K-10 students.
▪ Created curriculum and activities for students to engage in science and engineering though weekly camps over summer.

Summer 2010-2014


John R. Johnson Chair of Distinguished Teaching

Mary Institute and Saint Louis Country Day School

Recognized by administration for outstanding teaching and contributions to the school.


Flipping for Sophia Featured Teacher

Featured by as an example of flipped classroom success.


Myrtle A. McGee Prize Nominee

Faculty of Education, University of Regina

Awarded to students in the Faculty of Education who have completed internship. Candidates are selected from the top 20 interns each year based on faculty advisor and co-operating teacher reports.



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I am continually exploring out the newest tools available to bring into my classroom. I love to share my experiences with others and help bring tech tools into their teaching.


I connect students to other students and experts outside classroom and around the world through Social Media and Web 2.0 tools.


I develop, build and utilize effective, outside-the-box authentic assessment tools to assess my students' learning. Technology tools are almost always utilized.


I use Twitter to connect with educators worldwide and thrive on the ability to share, discuss, and push the boundaries of education with others.


I am a lifelong learner who actively seeks professional development, through any medium available, especially web 2.0 tools, as a way to improve myself as a teacher.


I energetically encourage my students to discover personal, intrinsic motivations to learn and take ownership of their education.


I am passionate about exploring ways to implement the maker movement into classrooms and get people making things instead of only consuming things.


I foster student-centered and student-directed learning environments through inquiry activities.


I manage my classroom through positive approaches and non-accusatory methods, fostering a safe, risk-free learning environment for all.


I constantly seek collaborations within and outside of my school to create resources, activities, and experiences for my students.


I differentiate my instructional and assessment methods for students of all learning styles, strengths and backgrounds.


I actively seek non-traditional opportunities to challenge my students including genius hour, building rockets, coding and 3D printing in math class.

Professional Development


▪ “Genius Hour, Makerspace, Coding Clubs”
     Regina Catholic Teacher’s Institute // Jan 29, 2016 // Regina, SK
▪ "Genius Hour – What’s all the fuss about geniuses anyways?”
     Regina Teacher’s Convention // Mar 6, 2015 // Regina, SK
▪ "Designing an Integrated, Student-centered STEM Curriculum"
     NSTA 2014 National Conference // April 3-6, 2014 // Boston, MA
▪ "Knocking Down the Classroom Walls: Connecting STEM Students & Graduate Students"
     NSTA STEM Forum & Expo // May 15-18, 2013 // St. Louis, MO
▪ Faculty Training Workshops on: Google Apps for Ed, Arduinos & 3D Printing, Microsoft OneNote, DyKnow, Canvas by Instructure, Active Grade, Fathom, and Yenka
     MICDS // 2012-2104 // St. Louis, MO
▪ "Flipping Math Upside Down"
     WestCAST 2012 // February 22-24, 2012 // Calgary, AB
▪ "Using POEs to Teach Scientific Concepts"
     WestCAST 2012 // February 22-24, 2012 // Calgary, AB
▪ "Google 2.0 - More than a search engine"
     WestCAST 2011 // February 23-25, 2011 // Brandon, MB


▪ SaskEdCamp 2.0 // May 28, 2016* // Saskatoon, SK // Part of Organizing Committee
▪ EdCampYQR // Apr 9, 2016 // Regina, SK
▪ Regina Catholic Teacher’s Institute // Jan 29, 2016 // Regina, SK
▪ Treaty Ed Camp // Nov 7, 2015 // Regina, SK
▪ EdCampYQR // Oct 3, 2015 // Regina, SK
▪ SaskEdCamp // May 23, 2015 // Saskatoon, SK // Part of Organizing Committee
▪ RCSD Ed Camp // Mar 14, 2015 // Regina, SK // Part of Organizing Committee
▪ EdCampYQR // Feb 28, 2015* // Regina, SK
▪ RCSD Mimio Training // 2014-2015
▪ ISACS Annual Conference // New Ways to Teach, New Ways to Learn // November 7-8, 2013 // St. Louis, MO
▪ The Brain Goes to School // Dr. David Walsh // September 10, 2013 // St. Louis, MO
▪ NSTA STEM Forum & Expo // May 15-18, 2013 // St. Louis, MO
▪ Standards, Assessments, Grading, and Reporting // Thomas Guskey // May 29, 2013 // St. Louis, MO
▪ Bacon Wrapped Lessons Workshop // Feb 25-26, 2013 // Iowa City, IA
▪ Educon 2.5 // Jan 26-28, 2013 // Philadelphia, PA
▪ Understanding by Design Workshop // Jay Mctighe // December 20, 2012 // St. Louis, MO
▪ NCTM Regional Conference 2012 // November 28-30, 2012 // Chicago, IL
▪ Ken Hitchcock Coaching Symposium // October 2012 // St. Louis, MO
▪ USA Hockey Athletic Development Program // November 2012, 2013
▪ NCTM Regional Conference 2011 // October 26-28, 2011 // St. Louis, MO
▪ Real World Approach to Project Based Learning // Dayna Laur (BIE) // August 19-20, 2011 // St. Louis, MO
▪ Emerging Professionalism Conference // January, 2011 // University of Regina
▪ Sciematics 2010 // January, 2010 // Regina, SK

Self-Driven Learning

▪ Hack the Classroom // Microsoft Education // Jan 30, 2016
▪ Active Participant in #saskedchat // Twitter // Weekly
▪ Active Participant in #CanWestChat // Twitter // Monthly
▪ Assessments That Promote Depth and Retention of Learning // Adam Yankay // G.M.D. // Jan. 27, 2015
▪ Teaching Math as a Form of Writing // Ben Orlin // Global Math Department // Jan 21, 2014
▪ Teacher and Student Questions // David Wees // Global Math Department // Aug 27, 2013
▪ Teaching Character and Creating Positive Classrooms // Relay G.S.E. //
▪ Inquiry Science Learning: Perspectives and Practices // Rice University //
▪ Science from Superheroes to Global Warming // UCIRvine //
▪ Instructional Practices for Mathematics // Steve Leinwand // Global Math Department // Aug 20, 2013
▪ Problem-Based Course Design // Dan Goldner // Global Math Department // Sept 10, 2013
▪ Standards Based Grading in Chemistry // Brain Bennett // Global Chemistry Department // Oct 18. 2012
▪ Chrome Classroom Certification // // December 2013
▪ Flipped Classroom Certification // // November 2012


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"Kyle is indeed the vision of a 21st century educator. Kyle regularly uses social networks and new media to solve problems, to share resources, and to develop as a professional. Yet, these new technologies do not consume Kyle. He has achieved, at this very early stage in his career, the ability to balance the affordances of new technologies with thoughtful instructional strategies. He isn’t carried away with the glitter of new tools. Rather, he uses his sharp, critical mind to think deeply about the impact of such tools and both the benefits and drawbacks of their implementation. It is a skill that I have not seen in many tech-savvy, experienced educators, and certainly not in an individual of such limited classroom experience."

Dr. Alec Couros (@courosa)

Internship Supervisor, University of Regina

"During his tenure at MICDS, Kyle constantly sought formal and informal observations as a source of development. He pushed for more details and did not settle for generalizations such as “everything looks good”. More importantly, Kyle demonstrated that he is highly critical of his own teaching and interactions with students and values collaborating with colleagues. We often had conversations about situations in the classroom or discussed lesson ideas before and after their implementation. These dialogues were not only beneficial to his teaching, but they helped strengthen my own approach to the materials I use."

Chris Ludbrook (

Teacher, MICDS